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6 Teams - 8 Seasons - 69 Trophies

Damien High School participates in multiple engineering and STEM programs. These programs include the VEX Robotics Team and the 4 year PLTW engineering program offered to students Damien High School offers its students many opportunities to partake in STEM activities.
We have competed in VEX Robotics EDR for 8 season, from Toss Up (2013-2014) to Change Up (2020-2021). We have found multiple successes, sending multiple teams to the States, Nationals, and Worlds Championships.
Damien High School is also active in the VEX Robotics EDR community. For 3 years, we have hosted a tournament in October. Additionally, we are proud to be able to host the Los Angeles State Championships here in California.
The Damien Spartan Robotics program also has amazing outreach programs. Damien hosts a BoeBot competition for middles schoolers every year. Through this BoeBot competition, middle schoolers learn not just engineering, but teamwork and working with others too. The BoeBot competition is a great introduction to engineering for newcomers. We have a VEX robotics summer camp offered every year. In this camp, all 7th and 8th graders are invited to learn about coding and building robots. Through this camp, they get the chance to learn about robotics and meet others who are also beginners in robotics. Through these opportunities, we inspire middle schoolers about robotics and hope to spark a love of robotics within these middle schoolers. It is the perfect introduction to VEX robotics and engineering for these middle schoolers.
A new outreach  program just this year is our VEX IQ program. We gave away $2,000 to 9 different schools in our area to get their VEX IQ program started. We then helped run a league competition and eventually have an IQ tournament in February. We will be sending students to Croatia next summer to donate some of our robotic equipment over there and get a STEM program started.

Recent Awards (2019-2020)

2020 California VEX VRC High School State Championship - BAKERSFIELD

6526D - Sportsmanship Award

REC Foundation Online Challenges

6526G - Community Award

2019-2020 STEM by the Like VEX Robotics Lakeside Tower Takeover

6526D - Excellence Award

6526G - Amaze Award and Tournament Finalists

Conquer Tower Takeover 2020

6526G - Design Award

2020 Streets of Bakersfield Robotics Extravaganza

6526H - Excellence Award

El Camino College Tower Takeover High School Tournament

6526D - Design Award


McBride VEX Tournament #4

6526G - Excellence Award

10th Annual Chula Vista VEX Tournament

6526E - Build Award

6526G - Design Award

5th Annual VEX Inland Empire Challenge

6526D - Tournament Finalists and Build Award

6526E - Excellence Award

6526H - Tournament Champion and Design Award

2019 OC Robo Bonanza at Beckman Tower Takeover - September

6526G - Excellence Award

6526H - Judges Award

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Latest from the Blog

6526G Earns the Program’s First Worlds Qualification this Season through the Community Award

By damienrobotics | March 4, 2020

Written By Gabriel Gadia (6526G Member) Every year, the REC Foundation offers Online Challenges which consists of different projects teams could do, ranging from team websites to CAD Models. In each challenge, winners will be selected for each one and the 1st place winners will be automatically granted a Worlds Championship spot for that season. […]

Damien Spartan Robotics Attends 2nd Annual Google Signature Event

By damienrobotics | February 17, 2020

Written By Andrew Vo (6526G Member) My name is Andrew Vo and this is my report on the Google Signature Event on the 15 of February 2020. My expectation going to Google Signature Event was not high at first due to the list of opponents that we potentially have to face, our team went with […]

6526H Starts 2020 Strong at Bakersfield Competition

By damienrobotics | January 11, 2020

Written By Yihong Zhou (6526H Member) 6526H as they accept the Excellence Award at the 202 Streets of Bakersfield Robotics Extravaganza Today, 2020 Jan. 11th, we had a tournament at Bakersfield; this was an important tournament for us because it is at the same place as our state championship games. There were 42 teams present, and […]

The VEX IQ Experience

By damienrobotics | December 15, 2019

Written By Cody Garcia (6526G Member) Cody and the coach for SHPS VEX IQ as they help the students build their robots. I am Cody Garcia, and I am one of the many Damien Robotics students that help coach middle school VEX IQ teams started by Damien High School. The Damien Robotics Program gave out […]

Team Overview

We have a huge program, consisting of 5 teams. Each team consists of a mix of a diverse group of Freshmen, Sophomore, Juniors, and Seniors. Each of the teams are composed of about 5-6 members each.

Team Number: 6526D

Active Seasons: Toss-up, Skyrise, Nothing But Net, Starstruck, In the Zone, Turning Point, Tower Takeover, Change Up

States Qualifications: 5            Worlds Qualifications: 3            Awards: 30

About the Team: As one of the two founding Damien robotics teams, and the team with the most awards and Worlds appearances, 6526D is a very successful team in the program. They have been a consistently strong team every year and is most well-known by winning the Community Award 4 years ago.

Team Number: 6526E

Active Seasons: Toss-up, Skyrise, Nothing But Net, Starstruck, In the Zone, Turning Point, Tower Takeover, Change Up

States Qualifications: 5            Worlds Qualifications: 1          Awards: 20

About the Team: As one of the two founding Damien robotics teams, and the Damien team with the most States appearances, 6526E is one of the most successful team in the program. Just like 6526D, this team has been a consistently strong team every year, having qualified for States 5 years in a row now.

Team Number: 6526F

Active Seasons: Skyrise, Nothing But Net, Starstruck, In the Zone, Turning Point, Tower Takeover

States Qualifications: 2            Worlds Qualifications: 3            Awards: 5

About the Team: Established in Damien's 2nd year in robotics, 6526F was a way to expand the program a year after it was founded. 6526F has the 2nd most Worlds appearances out of all Damien team, only behind 6526D. Though starting as a mixed Senior and Junior team, 6526F is now our program's Freshmen team.

Team Number: 6526G

Active Seasons: Skyrise, Nothing But Net, Starstruck, In the Zone, Turning Point, Tower Takeover, Change Up

States Qualifications: 3            Worlds Qualifications: 2          Awards: 12

About the Team: Established along with 6526F, 6526G was a way to expand the Damien robotics program. It was originally a Freshman team used to introduce new comers to VEX robotics. After multiple successes since the Starstruck season, 6526G has made itself known as a Sophomore and Junior team. Just like 6526D in 2016, they won the Worlds Community Award in 2020 qualifying them for both the 2020 and 2021 Worlds Championship.

Team Number: 6526H

Active Seasons: Nothing But Net, Starstruck, Turning Point, Tower Takeover, Change Up

States Qualifications: 1            Worlds Qualifications: 0     Awards: 4

About the Team: 6526H had humble beginnings as a Freshmen team during Nothing But Net season in 2015. This team is up and running as a strong team in the program, having qualified for States for the first time last season and winning all 4 of their awards in the Tower Takeover season.

Team Number: 6526X

Active Seasons: Change Up

States Qualifications: 0            Worlds Qualifications: 0     Awards: 0

About the Team: The program's newest team, 6526X is the first time in 5 years the program has added a new team. Despite not having competed yet, this team holds potential, consisting of all Seniors with members who have had strong histories in robotics. This new team looks forward to contributing to the strong robotics history this program has had.


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Interested to Join Our Program?

To join the Damien Spartan Robotics program, a student must be attending Damien High School in La Verne. If you are interested to find more information on Damien High School, check the school website at

If you want to sign-up for any of our summer camps or outreach programs, check the robotics page at the school website at:

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The Damien High School Alma Mater

A certain word, a thought remembered
Will stir within someday
We'll recall the nights of victory
Time has swept away.
We'll sing to you, our Alma Mater
When times like these are gone;
And bring to you our wreaths of glory
Of what we've said or done.
The night is ours, the battle's over;
We're proud of our Spartan men
And take heed to our warning
We'll return again
"With our shield or on it," is the code
Of our Spartan men.
So you tremble at our warning
We'll return again.

Website Creator and Credits

This website was all student produced and created by Gabriel Gadia, one of the members in Damien Spartan Robotics Program. He is a currently a Senior in Damien High School (Class of 2021) and has been part of this program for 4 years. In the first 3 years, he has been a proud member of team 6526G. This year, his final year, he will be competing as part of 6526D.

The program used to create this website was WordPress. With the help of his coach, Mrs. Maricic, the website host, and other resources granted to him, he was able to create this website to represent his program.

If you would like to contact him or have any questions, you can reach him through,