February 17, 2020

Damien Spartan Robotics Attends 2nd Annual Google Signature Event

Written By Andrew Vo (6526G Member)

My name is Andrew Vo and this is my report on the Google Signature Event on the 15 of February 2020. My expectation going to Google Signature Event was not high at first due to the list of opponents that we potentially have to face, our team went with the spirit of preparing us for the California State Championship in March.

Arrive at the event on Friday noon and preparing us for some skill run. We were able to achieve a driver-skill run of 40 points. We have one of our team members record it. After that, we were able to make small changes with our intake that allow the stacking time to reduce significantly, making our robot more competitive.

The next day, we went over our robot to prep it for qualification matches. At this moment all the team has arrived and we send one of our team members to go around and scout. Because this is a Signature Event, all teams have really good robots and ideas, we were able to learn a lot. The qualification matches went better then we expected and were able to get us into elimination. Unfortunately, we lose out at quarter-final due to our robot tipping during the autonomous period. We were placed 15 out of 56 which proves to us that if we have the potential to do well at state, but with this result we still going to try our hardest to improve and make changes if necessary.

Overall the event is a really good opportunity to see what teams from over the world do. This is an event where a lot could be learned, and the connection is made during this event is super beneficial. For our team, 6526G we are aiming high for State Championship to get into World Championship.