March 4, 2020

6526G Earns the Program’s First Worlds Qualification this Season through the Community Award

Written By Gabriel Gadia (6526G Member)

Every year, the REC Foundation offers Online Challenges which consists of different projects teams could do, ranging from team websites to CAD Models. In each challenge, winners will be selected for each one and the 1st place winners will be automatically granted a Worlds Championship spot for that season.

For this year's online challenges, team 6526G entered the Community Award challenge, a challenge that required teams to create a 3 minute video that showcases the outreach their program does for the community. In this challenge, 10 teams will be awarded the 1st place spot and each will be given an automatic qualification for Worlds. When the winners were announced on March 4, 2020, team 6526G were excited to hear that they were one of those 10 lucky teams. This marks the first Worlds Qualification for this season.

However, this is not the program's first achievement with the Online Challenges. Back in 2016, 6526D also earned their Worlds spot through the Community Award. Rather than making a video, teams during this year were tasked to create an essay showcasing their program's outreach. As of this year, the Damien Spartan Robotics program is proud to boast 2 Community Awards.

If you want to watch the winning video, the link is:

6526G - Damien Spartan Robotics: Community Award

The official announcement is found on:

2020 Online Challenge Winners