Meet the Teams

In this program, we have 5 separate teams, all of which collaborate with each other. Each team has their own unique history and achievements. This page traces the history and achievements of each team. Click each logo for more information on each team...

COVID-19 Team Updates:

Due to the nature of this year's season, specifically with the situation with COVID-19, teams this season (Change Up: 2020-2021) will be significantly smaller than past seasons. Thus, teams will consist of 3-4 people each. Smaller teams will create for more effective social distancing strategies and safer work environments for the students. Additionally, this situation called for the creation of a new team in the program (the first time in 5 years): 6526X.


Damien Robotics Team Hall of Fame

Every year, the programs sees many strong teams, each with their own unique achievements. From ranking high to getting multiple awards, this section recognizes teams from this programs history that have shown exemplary achievements.

Most Worlds Qualifications:

Top 1: 6526D - 3 Seasons (Nothing But Net, Starstruck, Turning Point)

Top 2: 6526F/6526G - 2 Seasons (Nothing But Net/ Starstruck and Tower Takeover/Change Up respectively)

Top 3: 6526E - 1 Season (Starstruck)

Highest Ranked Average (all time):

Top 1: 6526E - Rank Average 13th

Top 2: 6526H - Rank Average 17th

Top 3: 6526D - Rank Average 18th

Highest Ranked Average w/ Championship (single season):

Top 1: 6526E - Rank Average 6th (Nothing But Net)

Top 2: 6526E/6526G - Rank Average 10th (Skyrise and Tower Takeover respectively)

Top 3: 6526E - Rank Average 11th (Tower Takeover)

Highest Worlds Skills Ranks:

Top 1: 6526D - Skills Rank #208 (Starstruck)

Top 2: 6526E - Skills Rank #227 (Starstruck)

Top 3: 6526D - Skills Rank #582 (In the Zone)

Most Awards (all time):

Top 1: 6526D - 30 Awards

Top 2: 6526E - 20 Awards

Top 3: 6526G - 12 Awards

Most Awards (single season):

Top 1: 6526D/6526E/6526G - 7 Awards (Turning Point, Starstruck, Tower Takeover respectively)

Top 2: 6526D - 6 Awards (Nothing But Net)

Top 3: 6526D - 5 Awards (Tower Takeover, In the Zone, Starstruck)