Where to Start

The toughest part about doing the notebook may be knowing where to start.

Follow these guidelines before you start a notebook:

  1. Before starting, outline the notebook in a separate document. I use Google Docs and type anything out before I put it in the notebook. This makes it easier for me when I get to document something. I also make an outline of the table of contents as I start the notebook.
  2. Have the team introduction, especially a group picture of the team. Include team member bios (with their picture). The member bios should include their experience in robotics, why they are doing robotics, and their team role.
  3. Establish the structure of the notebook. Make it clear in the beginning how you will to structure the notebook and how everything will be documented. This will make it easier for everyone as you progress.
  4. Analyze the Game. Don't forget to put an in-depth analysis of the game in the beginning of the notebook. This is part of the rubric and design process, so it is crucial you get this done.

If you are struggling to start the notebook, don't worry. It will come to you (it always does). Trust yourself and do what you believe is best for the team and notebook.