The Binder (and Presentation)

This aspect of the notebook isn't as important as other aspects, but it really helps. The binder is a perfect tool when you have more than one notebooks, so use it to your advantage. Having a binder and good presentation can help your notebook stand-out among other teams. Here are a few guidelines regarding presentation:

  1. Take care of the notebook. I understand that sometimes the notebook may get a little bit damaged sometimes. However, minimize this as much as possible. You wouldn't want a notebook that's crumpled, dirty, or folded.
  2. Organize the notebook in a structured way. This is crucial to making your notebook presentable and appealing. Also, keep everything in proper order. This will make it easier for everyone who reads the notebook.
  3. Try to design an attention-catching cover. If you have a binder, create a custom cover that represents your robotics team. Make it distinct and unique for your team so it can stand-out among other teams.