Documenting Code

Many people like to document code differently. I usually document code by using these guidelines:

  1. Print-out the code. However, I suggest to only put in the parts that are important to the page. This way, you don't have too much and you only highlight the important parts of the code.
  2. Annotate the code. Have your main coder annotate the code and write down comments about each section.
  3. List down the ports. If you want, you can print out a picture of the V5 brain and label each port to each motor you assigned it to. This gives a clear visual to the person reading it.
  4. Label the robot controls. I suggest you print out a picture of the V5 remote control and label it to break down how controls are. This allows anyone to understand what type of controls your robot has.
  5. Write about autonomous testing. This is one thing not many people do. Whenever you test autonomous, it is always important to keep track of the tests and write down how the autonomous trials went.

Don't forget to document code. It is just as important as building and anyone who looks at your notebook should be able to easily copy the code on the robot.