September 21, 2019

6526G Earns States Qualification in First Competition This Season

Written By Gabriel Gadia (6526G Member)

6526G as they are presented their first award this season: the Excellence Award

The Damien Spartan Robotics program starts the season with a strong start in the 2019 OC Robot Bonanza at Beckman Tower Takeover September. This competition was a very successful tournament for our robotics members, especially for 6526G who brought home the Excellence Award today. The other teams were also successful, with 6526H taking the Judges Award, 6526E ranking 7th, and 6526D ranking 19th.

With this being the program's first competition, the day started of with multiple issues and problems that each team had to tackle. However, through the student's resilience and determination, they were able to fix these problems and get ready for competition. Then, the students gathered together for a team meeting and a team chant we do every competition.

Once we attended the Driver's meeting, qualification matches started. The qualification matches were successes for the teams, as they were able to get 2 teams (6526E and 6526G) ranked in the top 10. All teams, except for 6526H, made it to eliminations. 6526D and 6526E competed all the way into Quarterfinals. 6526G made it to Semifinals.

The highlight of the day was the awarding, when 6526G was presented the Excellence Award. They ranked 5th in qualifications and 7th in Skills. This was a pleasant surprise for the team, especially considering the tough competition they had to face that day. This set the tone for the rest of the season, as we hope we got more of our other teams qualified for the States Championships.

Thank you to Beckman High School for hosting such an amazing tournament.